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The name "PAD PRINTING" comes from the "PAD PRINTING method" which uses the method of development to accurately etch the patternon the ground steel plate, then apply ink, scrape off the remaining ink on the surface, and leave it on with a soft rubber head.The pattern ink on the etching on the steel plate is stained and transferred to the object. This kind of printing technology isexquisite and detailed, and it is very suitable for small area, concave and convex surface and other places where other printing methods are difficult to work. Therefore, PAD PRINTING are widely used in electrical appliances, plastics, toys, glass and other industries. For example:
1) Cars: switches, buttons, joysticks, etc.
2) Electronics: electronic components, product shells, sockets, relays, tapes, CDs, etc.
3) Daily use: decorations, clocks, ovens, labels, etc.
4) Toys : Toy trains, dolls, building blocks, etc.
5) Culture: pens, pencils, etc.
6) Advertising: advertising light boxes, etc.
There are many ways to apply ink on etching boards. First spray the ink on the etching plate, and then use a retractable scraper to scrape off the excess ink. At this time, the solvent remaining in the ink in the etched area volatilizes and forms a gel-like surface, and then the glue head drops onto the etching plate to absorb the ink.


Mini pad printer
pad printers with close ink cup has exterior beautiful, small, easy operating, high quality, environment friendly /acceptable, competitive price, useful for small products, same as toys, pen, stationery, gift, ...

pad printing

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This model has many years of production history. Up to now, we have modified the product three times. In order to meet the needs of users, we have redesigned the overall appearance, technical specifications and printing accuracy to make the quality of this machine more efficient. Significantly improved. It has significant advantages such as energy saving, convenient movement, low cost, high printing accuracy, and easy operation. It is suitable for the exterior decoration printing of cosmetics, cultural and sports equipment, electronic and electrical components, trademarks and other commodities.


A printing equipment suitable for plastics, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seals, etc. pad printing is an indirect gravure head printing technology, which has become a main method for printing and decorating the surface of various objects.

Ink absorption and printing products

The glue head absorbs most of the ink on the etching plate and then rises. At this time, part of this layer of ink volatilizes, and the remaining part of the wet ink surface is more conducive to the close combination of the printed object and the glue head. The shape of the rubber head should be able to produce a rolling action to exhaust the excess air on the surface of the etching plate and the ink. Coordination of ink and plastic head during the production process The most ideal situation is that all the ink on the etching plate is transferred to the printed object. During the production process (close to 10 microns or 0.01 mm thick ink is attached and transferred to the substrate), the rubber head printing is easily affected by air, Temperature, static electricity and other influences. If the volatilization speed and dissolution speed are controlled in a balanced state during the entire process from the etching plate to the transfer glue head to the substrate, then it is considered a successful printing. If it evaporates too quickly, the ink dries up before being absorbed. If the evaporation is too slow, the surface of the ink has not yet formed a gel, and it is difficult for the glue head to adhere to the substrate.

Tampons Pad Printer Machinery

Product Description

Machinery Test Report: Provided
Core Components: Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear
Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
Voltage: 220V/ 50HZ
Weight: 30KG
Speed Adjustment 5 Step Rotary Switch
Max RPM 3500 rpm (approx)
Warranty 1 Year
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Usage: Paper Printer, Label Printer, Card Printer, Tube Printer, Cloths
Color & Page: single color
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Name: pad printer machinery 1 color small size desktop pad printing
Main Parts: AIR TIC cylinder
Standards Certificate: ISO-9001,CE

Desktop pad printer is well suitable to pad printing on pens, toys, cups, cosmetic container, gift crafts, ball, mobile phone keypad, computer keyboard, household appliances etc.

It is with closed ink cup, can save 60% ink and 90% thinner comparing with open ink plate. use Printing plate Rang : long life thin(0.25-0.5 mm) steel plate ,Red polymer ,Thickness 10 mm steel plate