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Uv Printer

Main Features:

1)There is no need to make a plate to complete a single printing, colorful and rich, wear resistance, uv protection, simple and convenient operation, printing image speed, fully in line with the industrial printing standards.
2)Be able to handle coil to coil and various sheet materials.
3)Media thickness automatic detection and car automatic lifting function.
4)Sprinkler automatic cleaning system and sprinkler car collision prevention device.
Uv Printer adopts the latest LED cold light source technology, no thermal radiation.Instant lighting without preheating, printing material surface temperature is low without deformation.
6)Adopt water cooling (water circulation) mode, in hot summer without air conditioning environment can also have a good light curing effect.
7)Adsorption type media is adopted to fix the platform, the material is stationary, and the lead screw drives the printing beam to move by virtue of adsorption and press roll.
8)The equipment has a wide range of printing materials, flexible media such as: Sticky note, PVC, reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.
Hard media such as: mobile phone case, glass, tile, metal, ceiling, aluminum board, wood, door, acrylic board, organic glass board, foam board, corrugated board, etc.

Quick Details

Print head TX800 Print head
Print Resolution 1440*720 dpi
Printing speed: 3.59 sqm/h
Print head adjustable height: 0-15cm
Printing size: 30*50cm MAX
Distance of print head printing: 1-3mm(1mm is the best)
Ink color 4 color / 5 Color (CMYK or CMYK+ White)
Ink supply system CISS
Max RPM 3500 rpm (approx)
Ink consumption 10-15mL/ square meter
Ink cartridge type Refillable
Min ink drop size: 1.5pL
Interface: Net
Image format: BMP /TIFF/JPEG/ EPS/ PDF/CAD
Rip software : Photoprint/ Onyx(Optional)
Normal Working environment: Temperature:18-30 Celsius,Humidity:40-60%, clean room, low dust, less sun light
Power: AC 110/220V,50HZ/60HZ
Cooling system: Water Circulation Cooling System
NW/GW 90KG/120KG
Package size: 92*77*74 cm wooden case